About PolicyManagers®

Policy Managers is a professional insurance agency with history of more than 30 years in providing specialized environmental pollution liability insurance for above and underground storage tanks to small and large business in the State of Florida.  This very important insurance protection helps clients meet the environmental and financial responsibility requirements of the FLDEP and EPA.

Policy Managers has been one of the State of Florida‘s leaders in providing storage tank insurance to marketers and non-marketers, including gas/service  stations, convenience stores, municipalities, farmers, golf courses, universities, small airports and many other businesses.

In addition to our environmental expertise, we are also able to provide our clients access to an array of many other important insurance products of nationally recognized insurance carriers.

Our mission is simple:  To help our clients realize greater success today, and every day, by offering easy, cost-efficient access to all of the insurance products, services and expertise that they need to thrive.  We understand that insurance is one of our client’s most critical decisions.  The right choices and the wrong ones can have an enormous impact on our clients’ future, as well as their future success.

No matter the size or specialty of our clients’ business, PolicyManagers  offers access to a variety of leading-edge insurance products and services, customized to meet their specific requirements.  Through our long standing relationships with the nation’s leading insurance carriers, we provide our clients with a single point of connection to a wide variety of insurance products, for all sizes and sectors of business.

Policy Managers® provides dedicated and experienced underwriting professionals that are here to help you and your clients with your important insurance needs.

Our Services Include: Experienced Underwriting, Underwriting Program Authority, Policy Binding & Issuance, Premium Billing & Collections, Premium Remittance, Professional Customer Service, Program Marketing and Commercial Sales & Marketing for various insurance products and services.


Our address:

Policy Managers®
317 Riveredge Boulevard
Suite 206
Cocoa, Fl 32922
Phone: 1.800.475.4055
Fax:  321.433.1093

Our Address:
317 Riveredge Boulevard
Suite 206
Cocoa, FL 32922

Phone: 1.800.475.4055
FAX: 321.433.1093