Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental Liability Insurance provides commercial property owners across all industries with protection for pollution conditions associated with owned/operated properties, disposal sites, contracting operations and transportation exposures.

Whether you are a small manufacturer struggling with business legacy costs or a contractor protecting against accidents, environmental insurance is essential in protecting your business.

Business and contractors of all disciplines can create or worsen a pollution condition when providing services.  Whether a business improperly disposes of pollutants or an environmental contractor causes a pollution release during an excavation or a utility contractor hits an underground pipe or storage tank, improper paving construction projects – contractors and businesses can be held liable in the event of a pollution accident.

Environmental accidents and releases can range in various degrees of pollution conditions requiring immediate response and action as required by state environmental laws and regulatory agencies.  These pollution events can be extremely costly and potentially devastating to your business.

Our dedicated and experiences professionals are here to assist and help our clients with your important insurance needs.





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