Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown insurance, commonly referred to as boiler and machinery insurance, covers the costly physical and financial damage that can result from an equipment breakdown. Equipment Breakdown insurance can pay for: Direct Property Loss (the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment); Lost business income and costs for temporary replacement equipment; Other expenses incurred to limit the loss or speed restoration of operations; The loss value of spoiled products or materials; Business recovery expense.

Standard property forms typically exclude the very losses that equipment breakdown insurance is designed to cover – not the specialty coverage offered by Chamber Insurance Agency Services.

Coverage Highlights

  • Protection for the following:
    • Mechanical breakdown
    • Electrical arcing
    • Artificially generated electrical currents
    • Centrifugal force
    • Boiler overheating, cracking, bulging, sagging
    • Bulging, cracking or collapse of pressure vessels
  • Broad definition of equipment, including the following:
    • Boilers, pressure vessels, water heaters
    • Electrical distribution systems
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Refrigeration (including lost refrigerant)
    • Production equipment
    • Office equipment
    • Computer technology
    • Communications systems, including phone and voice-mail systems
    • Security and fire detection systems
    • Ovens, stoves, furnaces
    • Elevators, escalators, cranes, hoists and lifts
    • Cash registers and inventory control systems
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • And more…
  • Additional services to help you meet local inspection requirements, including:
    • Jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels
    • Loss prevention services
    • Claim service to help you restore business operations following a breakdown
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Equipment Breakdown Insurance Overview
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