Umbrella (Excess) Insurance

While no business expects to face a multi-million dollar damage award, every company should be prepared for the possibility.

Multi-million dollar damage awards can impact any company – and can result from liability lawsuits brought on by everything from auto accidents to product contamination incidents. To protect against these potentially catastrophic losses, most businesses rely on umbrella or excess liability insurance. What they might not realize is that all of these programs are not created equal: Some can leave coverage gaps and overlaps that can cost your customers dearly when claims occur.

Today, there are Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance policies that are specifically designed to fit atop virtually any primary premises liability and auto insurance, in a way that affords optimal protection against liabilities that can devastate a business. Moreover, insurance can help to protect not only your customers’ financial assets, but their hard-earned reputation when facing a large-scale liability crisis.



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